Seeking participants to an interview study on the future of cycling

This autumn, we are looking for cyclists to participate in an interview study for ESR10 of SHAPE-IT. We are currently researching the interaction between cyclists and motorists in today’s traffic, and how this may change when cars become self-driving in the future. The goal of the research is to facilitate the safe and ideally, desirable, future of cycling in an increasingly automated transport system.

We are interested in talking to all kinds of cyclists over the age of 18 in the Netherlands, both those who cycle often and those who cycle less frequently or almost not at all. No special prior knowledge is required to participate in the interview apart from some experience with cycling and bicycles.

Participation in the study involves an online interview with a duration of one hour. The interview will be conducted in English. The questions are focused on your experience as a cyclist, and how you communicate and interact with other road users. In addition, you will be asked to consider the changes required for ensuring more pleasurable and safer cycling experiences in the future.

Audio from the interview will be recorded. Your participation will however remain anonymous and your data will be treated confidentially. Participation is voluntary and require your informed consent. Before participation, you will receive an information letter describing the project and your rights. You can withdraw your consent at any time without stating a reason.

If you would like to participate in the study and/or have questions about the project and your participation, please fill out the online form below or contact the person responsible for the project, PhD candidate Siri Hegna Berge at or mobile (+47) 980 333 56.